Still from eye feels, two-channel HD video with sound, 1 minute (looped), 2017

eye feels was initially conceived as the opening scene of a longer animation that was never fully realised.  These animated eyeballs are drawn from Sally Miller Gearhart’s unpublished short story “Hello, Body” (1993).  Here, floating sensuously in an infinite pool of metallic fluid, they appear evocative yet strangely without context.

The fragmentary nature of eye feels is perhaps what has inspired the many adaptations and re-mixes that it has since undergone.

eye feels, installation view at Roaming Room in collaboration with Phil Thompson, 2017. Photo: Ioana Marianescu. 

eye feels was first exhibited at Roaming Room, London (2017).  It has been presented as part of GUSH Vol. 1, an event curated by Jamila Johnson-Small in 2017, and in POEKHALI! at Bergen Kunsthall (curated by Eva Rowson in 2018).  Remixes have appeared in performance-lectures, including I AM SF at CCA Derry~Londonderry and Ormston House, Limerick (2017).

eye feels, installation view in GUSH Vol. 1, 2017.  


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