Extract from “Fandom’s Fantoms” in Fandom as Methodology (Goldsmiths Press/MIT Press, 2019).

Drawing on archival research and fannish feelings to conjure the figure of the ‘fantom’,  these artist pages propose this strange reanimation as a way of exocising the failures that haunt feminism’s past:

In seeking encounters with these fantoms might it be possible to open up new imaginary possibilities for future feminist practice?

Designed so that the reader has to invert the book in order to read the handwritten text, “Fandom’s Fantoms” plays with feminist negotiations between fannish imagination and ‘proper’ academic practice. 

“Fandom’s Fantoms”—On the Reanimation of Feminisms Haunted by Failure was originally created for Fandom as Methodology: A Sourcebook for Artists and Writers, edited by Catherine Grant and Kate Random Love (Goldsmiths Press/MIT Press, 2019).

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