Screenshot from the Potential Wor(l)ds dictionary and archive

Potential Wor(l)ds is an ongoing collaborative project with Aliyah Hussain, drawing on shared interests in feminist science fiction, embodied processes of making, and different ways of worldbuilding. 

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Potential Wor(l)ds workshops have been held at Bergen Kunsthall (2018), Lighthouse Brighton (2019), The Studio School in Liverpool (2019), Sonic Acts Academy in Amsterdam (2020) and Project Arts Centre in Dublin (2021).   A gallery presentation of project was developed for ‘Soft Bodies’ at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, in 2020. 

The project was developed as part of Who’s Doing the Washing Up? curated by Eva Rowson.  It was supported at Bergen Kunsthall and Lighthouse Brighton  by Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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