Witchy Methodologies at ICA, London, 2017.  Photo: Nick Tudor.  

This evening of presentations, live performance, screenings and discussion explored how the figure of the witch echoes within queer feminist histories and contemporary practices.  

Contributions by Holly Pester, Georgia Horgan, Candice Lin & P. Staff, Linda Stupart & Travis Alabanza, and Isabella Scott opened up a number of ways in which the witch could be considered: as a transgressive figure who inverts the “natural order” of the world; as a model for a political and creative collectivity that disidentifies with “woman”; as an identity constructed through the circulation of gossip; and as a figure who subverts dominant modes of production and forms of knowledge.

The term ‘witchy methodology’ comes from a text by Holly Pester that was written in response to W.I.T.C.H. (2016) as part of The Conch at South London Gallery.

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Candice Lin & P. Staff, Hormonal Fog in Witchy Methodologies at ICA, London, 2017.  Photo: Nick Tudor.  

Witchy Methodologies was presented at ICA, London as part of Bloomberg New Contempoaries 2016.  With special thanks to Rosalie Doubal and Juliette Desorgues at ICA, and Sheena Balkwill at Gasworks.  

The event was cited as inspiration for the London Contemporary Music Festival in 2019.


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